Interpretation has changed its dimensions in the global market. There are numerous techniques and devices evolved which has given interpretation a new arena in the linguistic market. The current market survey reveals that around 32% of the total language industry is captured by interpretation services. Numerous resources are moving to this lucrative area of working. Competition has exceeded so it’s quite crucial to choose right interpreter for your requirement.

A content interpreter brings his/her years of experience in bridging the gap between two different languages. We select interpreters through our stringent quality control procedures, so that you can get the service in which you can rely. Our interpreters have vast experience in different fields. We categorize interpreters based on their knowledge in specific domain and working experience. WORDEDGE is offering Simultaneous and Consecutive interpretation in most of the Indian, Asian and European languages. Currently our interpretation services are restricted to only INDIA.

Our specialized areas –

  • >Interpretation
  • >Business Meeting/Marketing Interpretation
  • >Media Interpretation
  • >Medical Interpretation
  • >Public Interpretation
  • >Technical Interpretation
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With growing technology, VOIP has emerged as a revolution in the field of telecommunication. It has become the most preferred technique of communication these days due to its advance features, cost benefits and many other advantages over the traditional phone callings.

Wordedge proudly introduces VOIP service for all our customers. So do contact us for attractive rates and language specific quotes.