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1. We accept orders through Fax, Email and Post. Please provide us the below mentioned details while placing the order.

2. A formal Purchase order in the company letterhead duly signed by the authorized signatory. The purchase order must state the payment terms and mode of payment.

3. We need complete billing Address comprising of the name, designation, email Id and contact number of the person who will be responsible for handling the invoices and clearance of the payment.

4. Duly Filled specification sheet containing all the information required for translation like document for translation, source language, target language, service required, word count, language locale, domain, any reference material and deadline.

5. We need full information of the contact person who will be coordinating with us for the execution of the project.


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With growing technology, VOIP has emerged as a revolution in the field of telecommunication. It has become the most preferred technique of communication these days due to its advance features, cost benefits and many other advantages over the traditional phone callings.

Wordedge proudly introduces VOIP service for all our customers. So do contact us for attractive rates and language specific quotes.